Organic Mushroom Powder
Organic Mushroom Powder
Organic Mushroom Powder
Organic Mushroom Powder

Organic Mushroom Powder


Nature Lion, based in Ontario was created to help people make healthy life-style choices.  Mushrooms are their specialty!

With a diverse range of mushroom-based products, Nature Lion has become a go-to destination for health-conscious consumers in Canada. From Mushroom Grow Kits to Shyne Instant Coffee infused with mushrooms, the brand offers a holistic approach to wellness.


Cordyceps Powder: Energize!
Ingredients: Organic Cordycep Mushroom Fruiting Bodies

* Boosts Energy
* Enhances Stamina
* Supports Respiration
* Adaptogenic Balance
* Promotes Healthy Aging
* Strengthens Immunity
* Supports Cells
* Uplifts Mood
* Supports Detox
* Encourages Restful Sleep

Lion's Mane Powder: Unleash Brain Power!
Ingredients: Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Fruiting Bodies (Grown in Canada)

* Boost mental focus & clarity
* Fortify Immunity
* Reduce stress, promote calm
* Natural Energy Boost
* Nourish Nervous System
* Elevate Cognitive Function
* Uplift Mood
* Antioxidant Power
* Cultivate Mindful Focus
* Culinary Magic: Healthy twist to favourite recipes

Reishi Powder: Elevate your Well-being!
Ingredients: Organic Reishi Mushroom Fruiting Bodies

*  Boost Vitality
*  Strengthen Immunity
*  Find Inner Calm
*  Support overall health
*  Sharpen mental clarity
*  Promote Restful Sleep
*  Foster emotional well-being
*  Revitalize Skin
*  Sip Serenity: Create a soothing herbal tea
*  Culinary Delight: Add health benefits to meals


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