Organic Mushroom Powder
Organic Mushroom Powder
Organic Mushroom Powder
Organic Mushroom Powder
Organic Mushroom Powder

Organic Mushroom Powder


Nature Lion, based in Ontario was created to help people make healthy life-style choices.  Mushrooms are their specialty!

With a diverse range of mushroom-based products, Nature Lion has become a go-to destination for health-conscious consumers in Canada. From Mushroom Grow Kits to Shyne Instant Coffee infused with mushrooms, the brand offers a holistic approach to wellness.


Cordyceps Powder: Energize!
Ingredients: Organic Cordycep Mushroom Fruiting Bodies

* Boosts Energy
* Enhances Stamina
* Supports Respiration
* Adaptogenic Balance
* Promotes Healthy Aging
* Strengthens Immunity
* Supports Cells
* Uplifts Mood
* Supports Detox
* Encourages Restful Sleep

Lion's Mane Powder: Unleash Brain Power!
Ingredients: Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Fruiting Bodies (Grown in Canada)

* Boost mental focus & clarity
* Fortify Immunity
* Reduce stress, promote calm
* Natural Energy Boost
* Nourish Nervous System
* Elevate Cognitive Function
* Uplift Mood
* Antioxidant Power
* Cultivate Mindful Focus
* Culinary Magic: Healthy twist to favourite recipes

Reishi Powder: Elevate your Well-being!
Ingredients: Organic Reishi Mushroom Fruiting Bodies

*  Boost Vitality
*  Strengthen Immunity
*  Find Inner Calm
*  Support overall health
*  Sharpen mental clarity
*  Promote Restful Sleep
*  Foster emotional well-being
*  Revitalize Skin
*  Sip Serenity: Create a soothing herbal tea
*  Culinary Delight: Add health benefits to meals

Turkey Tail Powder: Rejuvenate!
Ingredients: Organic Turkey Tail Mushroom Fruiting Bodies

* Fortify defenses
* Enhance vitality
* Stay resilient
* Combat free radicals
* Support digestive wellness
* Promote well-being
* Energize your day
* Enhance sleep quality
* Feel revitalized


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